Our Guide to Getting Started in Investing

The world of investments represents a high risk, high reward outlet for your hard-earned cash. At least that is what many people may expect if they have not invested before. In fact, it is not always about having large sums of money put into risky stocks, with many options providing a much safer yet still rewarding option as an alternative to keep cash in a savings account. As knowing where to start and where to focus your investment is not always easy, here is our guide to help you get…

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AIG crowdfunding insurance will be among the company’s next offerings

AIG Insurance company CEO - Building in Manhattan

In order to assuage the concerns of investors, this coverage will help to protect them from being ripped off by startups. The American International Group has now unveiled a new form of coverage and this AIG crowdfunding insurance is meant to provide a unique protection not to startups that are attempting to raise money, but actually to the investors who want to take a chance on them but who are afraid of being scammed or losing their investments. The New York based insurance company is now gearing up for the…

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