Insurance agents could see greater struggles from online selling

insurance brokers agents stress

The internet is starting to show the areas in which these industry pros could be threatened. The internet has had a history of turning jobs that used to be completed by people into tasks that could be finished in a few seconds by an algorithm or two, and now insurance agents are wondering whether that same fate could be headed in their direction. The insurance industry is seeing a massive shift toward informing consumers and selling online. Companies are introducing massive websites that promote various products, provide additional information about…

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Cyber insurance became increasingly popular last year

cyber insurance

A Marsh study showed that the demand for this protection increased considerably in 2012. According to a report issued by Marsh Inc., the broker and risk adviser, the demand for coverage with cyber liability insurance increased as a growing number of businesses purchased the protection. The average policy limits that were taken out also increased during last year, said the report. The number of clients of FINPRO at Marsh that took out cyber insurance last year increased by 33.3 percent over the number from the year before. This, according to…

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What does reputation insurance have to offer?

Both individuals and companies run the risk of having malicious statements made about them in the social media, online forums, websites, along with growing mobile commerce trends as well as blogs, and as this is the case, they may benefit from purchasing insurance coverage that has been designed to protect their reputation on the internet. However, at the same time, these individuals and companies may wonder whether or not this coverage will indeed be worth their while. Many people would argue that because reputation is a person or business’s most…

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