Current insurance trends aren’t enough protection from climate change

Natural Disaster damage insurance trends

Wealthier nations can afford the premiums for coverage but poorer countries don’t have that privilege. The insurance trends that are currently in place do have a focus on providing protection for those who are the most vulnerable against the types of peril that the weather can cause, particularly in the case of farmers who are the primary suppliers of food. But as extreme weather becomes more commonplace, some wonder whether these efforts will be enough. While many believe that the necessary arrangements will be possible to protect against the damage…

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Insurance coverage cessation proposal for cities and schools proposed by Gov. Scott Walker

School Insurance System Needs Overhaul

If the Wisconsin governor’s motion goes ahead, it would mean that private insurers would be required for plans. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has recently proposed a provision that would eliminate the state managed property insurance coverage, and that would require local governments and school districts to have to create their own funds or to look to private insurers if the provision is adopted by the Legislature. The current fund provides coverage for $52 billion worth of property, with an annual premium of over $27 million. The insurance coverage that…

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Organizers of American running of the bulls are heavy on thrill seekers but light on liability insurance

An American version of the running of the bulls, which was modeled after the famous Pamplona, Spain tradition, is expected to draw hundreds of participants, while also bringing about millions of dollars in insurance protection. Though each of the runners taking part in the quarter-mile run from dozens of rodeo bulls weighing approximately 1,500 pounds each, will be required to sign a solid and exceptionally comprehensive liability waiver, there have been several additional insurance policies taken out to protect the organizers from any form of liability that they can imagine.…

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The safety of online storage remains unsure as thousands of insurance documents are left unprotected

As states continue to labor toward health insurance exchanges, there have been concerns raised regarding the safety of medical and insurance documents stored online. These concerns stem from a provision of the Affordable Care Act that has health care and insurance professionals store consumer information electronically to allow quick and easy access. Electronic storage will be a major part of the coming online insurance exchanges, as it will allow doctors to access important medical information when treating patients. The safety of these documents has been questioned as hackers continue to…

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