Insurance company merger between Aetna and Humana will not go forward

Health Insurance company merger Aetna

A federal judge has now ruled in favor of prohibiting the two health insurers from merging. The Justice Department’s decision to stop the insurance company merger between Aetna and Humana has been upheld by a federal judge. These two health insurance giants were appealing the decision with U.S. District Judge John. D. Bates. The original decision to block the merger between the health insurance companies occurred in July 2015. That said, Judge Bates concluded in a 158-page opinion that “The Court is unpersuaded that the efficiencies generated by the merger…

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Japanese Tokio Marine will acquire American Delphi Financial Group

The second biggest casualty insurance company in Japan, Tokio Marine is purchasing the American company Delphi Financial Services, which is based in Delaware. The acquisition will be for $2.7 billion, which places a valuation on the company which has a 73 percent premium, indicating that Asian companies may be taking their first steps into the U.S. marketplace as a diversification effort, following the disasters that have struck their own local markets. This acquisition is one of the five largest insurance purchases this year and is easily among the biggest ventures…

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Aetna acquires Omaha’s Payflex. Move may have economic implications

Health insurance giant Aetna Inc. has announced plans to purchase Payflex Holdings Inc., an administrator of health savings and flexible spending accounts in the health care industry. The purchase will set Aetna back by $202 million, but shows that the company has plans to expand their operations despite the changes coming to the industry. The deal may have deeper meaning as well, which may have roots in the state of the economy. Brian Gilbreath, president of the Nebraskan Association for Corporate Growth, says that there is growing confidence in the…

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