Proof of auto insurance laws change in New Jersey

auto insurance young driver

The state has now legalized electronic coverage cards at the same time that license plate rules have been altered. Two new laws have now become active in New Jersey that will have an impact on drivers, the first of which involves the way that they can provide proof of their auto insurance coverage and the other has to do with their license plates, which stated that plates can no longer be obscured. The first makes it possible for drivers to provide proof of insurance in an electronic form, such as…

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Supreme Court ruling secures health insurance for 1.3 million people in Florida

Florida health insurance

Ruling from the Supreme Court has ensured that many consumers get to keep their coverage The recent ruling from the Supreme Court on the King v. Burwell case will have a beneficial impact on those with health insurance coverage in Florida. Some 1.3 million consumers will be able to keep their insurance coverage, supported by subsidies, due to the ruling from the Supreme Court. The King v. Burwell case had caused concerns among many that received subsidized coverage, as it called into question whether or not the federal government can…

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Auto insurance rates could be dropping in Michigan

michigan auto insurance

Auto insurance coverage is expected to become less expensive in Michigan due to new measure Changes being made to Michigan’s auto insurance laws could mean lower premiums for consumers and lower costs for insurers. The state’s House Insurance Committee has approved a measure that would make changes to existing insurance legislation, which could bring down premiums by $100 every year for the next two years. The measure would also prevent health care providers from overcharging insurers when they treat victims of auto accidents. Health insurers will also not be able…

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Could home DNA tests bring bad insurance news?

angelina jolie insurance news

Following the preventative surgeries undergone by Angelina Jolie, many are considering an examination of their genetics. Recently, Angelina Jolie made a public announcement of having made another decision to undergo surgery in order to protect herself against a high risk of certain cancers, following DNA tests that revealed her possibilities of the disease, but while many feel that this could be a good idea for them, as well, it may also bring unexpected insurance news. Home DNA testing is suddenly increasing in popularity following the announcements made by the celebrity.…

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Homeowners insurance in Connecticut may be banned from dog discrimination

Dog liability homeowners insurance

A lawmaker is seeking to make it illegal for insurers to inquire about the breed of a policyholder’s dog. A Connecticut lawmaker is now moving forward in an effort to ban homeowners insurance companies from being able to ask about or discriminate against the breed of a policyholder’s dog, when they are issuing coverage within that state. Republican Rep. Brenda Kupchick is trying to make it easier for certain dog owners to obtain coverage. Kupchick, of Fairfiel, Connecticut, has stated that her constituents have found it challenging to the point…

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Felony insurance fraud charges laid against former MLB’s Ted Lilly

Ted Lilly insurance fraud

The former Major League Baseball pitcher is now facing three counts of the charge in the state of California. In California, Ted Lilly, the former Major League Baseball pitcher is now facing felony charges with three counts of insurance fraud against him for the filings that he allegedly made following an accident. Recent reports have stated that Lilly has entered a not guilty plea against the charges against him. The insurance fraud charges against Ted Lilly came from a claim that he filed after having been involved in an accident…

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New Jersey Turnpike scam makes insurance news when adjuster sentenced

fraud liability insurance news industry

The scandal was worth an estimated $900,000 and the man from Little Falls will go to prison for almost 3 years. An adjuster from Little Falls is making insurance news after having been sentenced to almost three years in jail for having schemed with a New Jersey Turnpike manager to trick insurers and the authority out of an estimated total of approximately $900,000. Back in September, Roberto Napolitano gave a guilty plea for a charge of fraud, and he has now been sentenced. The adjuster in this insurance news case,…

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