Five Types of Business Insurance You Should Have

Business Insurance

How to Avoid Financial Ruin in the Future Businesses need several different types of insurance to protect them from financial ruin. It is important to protect your business with different types of insurance that will keep you and your business protected in several key ways. Importance of Property Insurance Property insurance will protect your building and the supplies within it if there is a robbery or fire. Furthermore, this insurance also will help if your store has been vandalized or if there is smoke damage to the property or items…

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Partnership Launches First-of-its-Kind Website to Help California Businesses

California’s leading business organizations announced that they have joined together to launch a first-its-kind business-oriented website aimed at providing accurate and easy to understand information about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Health Law Guide for Business, tailored specifically for the business community, will help business owners navigate through all 2,409 pages of the health care law with one simple website “The Health Law Guide for Business is a practical and fact driven website that houses the most current information regarding the new health care law. It…

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New insurance mandates in Connecticut incite criticism from the business community

Connecticut lawmakers have introduced a bevy of new health insurance mandates that may drive up the cost of insurance in the state. These sorts of mandates have been popular amongst legislators in recent years. Most of these provisions are confronted with a tide of opposition from the state’s business community who say that increased costs will reach excessive levels and stop employers from providing health benefits. Lawmakers, however, are sure that the benefits of the mandates serve the greater good. Among the mandates in a provision to expand the coverage…

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