Look out, health insurance marketplace, here comes Google

google health insurance

The tech giant has now announced that it has made a massive investment into a coverage startup. Last week, Google announced that it had made an investment of $32.5 million into Oscar Health Insurance Corp, which is a startup that has been drawing considerable interest as its angle could disrupt the traditional form of coverage and could shake up the power of the market leaders in the U.S., such as Anthem and UnitedHealth Group. The current valuation that the deal brings to Oscar has been calculated to be at $1.75…

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Homeowners insurance competition report shows some Florida counties lacking

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Some kinds of residential policies in Monroe and Miami-Dade counties are coming up short in options. A new report has now been issued by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and has shown that in the counties of Miami-Dade and Monroe, there is a notable lack in competition among homeowners insurance companies for certain kinds of residential policies. This report has brought unwelcome news at a time in which the state is attempting to shrink its last resort coverage. The state has been seeking to reduce the size of Citizens…

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Insurance industry may face new competition from Google and Amazon

Accenture insurance industry

Google and Amazon may be looking to break into the insurance market The insurance industry may be facing new competition in the next few years from some unexpected rivals. Google and Amazon are beginning to look into the insurance sector, seeing significant promise therein. Consumers throughout the world are beginning to trust large technology and commerce companies with various services. As this trust grows, these companies are beginning to find new ways to engage consumers and offer them products that are in high demand. New competition in the insurance industry…

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Health insurance co-ops offer an alternative to exchanges

health insurance options

Health insurance co-ops are receiving little attention despite the benefits they offer Health insurance exchanges are receiving a great deal of attention throughout the U.S., but these marketplaces are not the only way for consumers to obtain coverage. Health insurance co-ops are another option that could offer coverage to consumers looking for affordable policies. These co-ops are generally non-profit organizations that are managed by their members, offering more consumer-oriented insurance plans than their counterparts in the private market. These co-ops have received relatively little attention when compared to exchanges. Co-ops…

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