Hurricane Patricia may not have been as much of a disaster as predicted

Hurricane Patricia 2015

Despite the fact that it was the most powerful storm ever seen by the Western Hemisphere, it was not the most damaging. The first reports about Hurricane Patricia that were released over the weekend after the storm made landfall on the west coast of Mexico indicated that there had not been any major damage and that there had not been any deaths. The early reports were cautiously optimistic that the broad efforts to evacuate affected areas saved lives. Even though Hurricane Patricia was the most powerful storm of that nature…

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Homeowners insurance policy details will likely change due to Sandy

Homeowners flood Insurance

Many people may find that their premiums and their deductibles will rise because of the superstorm. The northeastern states were slammed by superstorm Sandy, generating a tremendous number of homeowners insurance claims, and have led experts in Delaware to predict that this will generate a number of changes to customer policies, including to the premiums they pay and the deductibles they face. The direct impact of the storm was only the first stage in the damage that it caused. Even though the damage faced by residents of Delaware led to…

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Homeowners insurance reforms needed in Florida, says Governor

Insurance Industry Climate change

Gov. Scott and a panel of lawmakers have called for changes that will provide greater awareness. Governor Rick Scott, along with a number of lawmakers in Florida, have announced that they will be seeking to provide residents of the state with better education regarding the hidden costs linked with homeowners insurance and the “house of cards” that will collapse in the wake of a major storm. The governor spoke at a summit at Disney for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. He explained that solid efforts are required to make certain…

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Insurance news from Canada shows $100 million in claims from Sandy

Toronto Ontario Canada Auto Insurance News

After the superstorm pummeled through the United States, it smashed into Canadian provinces. According to the most recent insurance news estimates from Canada, after leaving the United States, superstorm Sandy led to insured property damage that will total approximately $100 million. These statistics were issued from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) based on claims received. The IBC has based this data on the claims that are being made in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The estimate is still considered to be preliminary, but it has now been…

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Insurance news after Sandy has stocks tripping and falling

Financial Insurance News

Despite the solid report in October, the insurers dropped sharply in the markets. Whether you call it the Superstorm or the Frankenstorm, the impact of Sandy on insurance news has been a significant one, particularly considering the damage it had on the stocks of insurers at the start of November. The Dow Jones industrial average fell by 139 points as more information about Sandy’s costs was revealed. Of course, the falling stocks were not limited exclusively to insurance news, as many large companies – such as Verizon Communications – that…

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