Ping An Insurance moves to recreate itself as a technology firm

Ping An Insurance - Skyscraper sunshine

The company is aiming to spend $22 billion to dump its old-school image and reputation. Ping An Insurance is changing lanes in the hopes of transforming itself into a technology company. The firm has come up with a plan to spend billions in order to recreate itself in this new way. That said, the Ping An Insurance executives have not yet managed to sway investors to see their way in spending $22 billion for this purpose. The money would be spent on everything from artificial intelligence (A.I.) to blockchain. The…

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Hong Kong to install their first independent insurance authority

Hong Kong is home to the most authorized insurance companies in all of Asia. The insurance market in the fabled city-state has been experiencing wondrous growth for several years thanks to the relatively lax regulations imposed upon the industry. In fact, Hong Kong currently has no singular authority in charge of regulating the insurance industry. This will soon change, however, as the government prepares to the first independent insurance authority. Government officials are now consulting with several insurance experts to gain insight on the initiative. The overall aim of the…

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