Florida homeowners insurance through Citizens includes random home inspections

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Policyholders are worried about the way this new requirement will impact their rates. The largest homeowners insurance company in Florida has added a new requirement to its coverage, which is to conduct random home inspections of its customers. The state-run Citizens insurer has been taking steps to control the rates it charges its policyholders. Citizens, like all homeowners insurance companies in the state, has been required to continually raise its rates as the market in Florida becomes an increasingly costly place to do business. While many insurers have left the…

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Homeowners insurance choices faced by many Florida policyholders

Florida homeowners insurance, Citizens Property

Considerable decisions are ahead in the state as Citizens divests itself of a massive number of policies. Within the next month, there will be almost 400,000 people in Florida who currently have homeowners insurance coverage through Citizens Property Insurance Corp., and who will be receiving notice in the mail from another insurer to advise the policyholders that their coverage will be transferred over to that new company by November 5, 2013. At that point, the policyholders will need to make one of two choices that will be available to them.…

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Homeowners insurance at Citizens being moved in record numbers

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Approximately 60,000 more policies are being shifted to private insurers with owner consent. Citizens Property Insurance Corp in Florida has taken its next step in its aggressive effort to dump policies, having now announced that many of its homeowners insurance customers will need to decide whether or not they will remain with the state backed company. Following all of its efforts it may shed up to 300,000 policies. This drop would represent about one fifth of its total of almost 1.47 million policies. The goal is to have sloughed them…

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Homeowners insurance rates continue to skyrocket

Homeowners face increasing struggles as their home values continue to fall and maintenance costs continue to climb, with a new setback consisting of significantly higher insurance payments. Insurance rates for homes have been increasing steadily over the last few years, and the Insurance Information Institute has indicated that this year is expected to continue in that trend, with a rise of about 5 percent to reach an average of $1,004. This will have been the largest annual increase since the start of the recession, and will mark the first time…

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Florida lawmakers attempt to manage problematic and controversial solution to Citizens Property Insurance problem

In Florida, lawmakers have been working on fixing the problems of the state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corp. Their efforts have yielded few results and now legislation that could help the program recover from its massive debt has hit a roadblock. Legislators have mostly been focused on reducing the number of people receiving coverage from Citizens by having private insurance companies take on more policies. The Legislature has approved an amendment to the bill that would have accomplished this, House Bill 245, which makes transferring policies more difficult. Now, insurers must…

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