Everything You Need to Know About Water Damage in the Home

If you are a homeowner, then the signs of water damage will likely make you very worried. Unfortunately for homeowners, water damage is not always easy to spot. Often, signs only become noticeable when the effects of water damage are already irreversible. Knowing more about common signs and categories of water damage enables you to better spot and treat potential causes. Why is Water Damage such a Big Deal? Water damage can have a number of different effects depending upon the scale and form of damage you are dealing with.…

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Get Your Home in Shape for Winter

Winter Home Care insurance companies external battery charger

Frozen and burst pipes are of the highest home insurance claims and most frequently occurring source of damage, notes the Insurance Information Network of California. Yet many homeowners don’t know how common this problem is and don’t think their pipes could burst in the winter, causing expensive damage. This and other cold-weather problems can be prevented with a small amount of preventative maintenance as part of a fall cleanup. This year, spend a weekend ensuring that you, your garden and your home weather winter’s chill with ease by preparing your…

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