California eases its health insurance individual mandate requirements

Health insurance individual mandate - woman receiving medication from pharmacist

State officials loosened the law out of concern that many residents aren’t aware of the fines. Out of concerns that too many California residents don’t understand the consequences of failing to comply with the health insurance individual mandate, the law has been eased. The worry was that many Californians aren’t aware of the fines they face for failing to buy coverage. The health insurance individual mandate is meant to help encourage Californians to purchase a plan. The idea is, in part, to create an incentive to purchase a health plan…

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Health insurance exchange in California now under construction

California health insurance

The Golden State is now working on the first of the marketplaces in the country. An industry expert in California has said that it will be interesting to watch how the state works on developing the first health insurance exchange in the country and then implements it for use by its residents and small businesses. California has now received its federal government funding in order to implement the marketplace. In fact, the state is now the recipient of $674 million federal dollars for the implementation of its health insurance exchange.…

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