How Has Healthcare Education Changed?

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Health impacts everyone’s lives, which means, in turn, so does healthcare. With this in mind, it is clear that healthcare education is a vital part of society; but with the ever-changing and progressive healthcare industry, has education caught up, or is it still lagging behind? This piece will highlight some of the ways in which healthcare education has changed, and what needs to be updated in order for it to meet the demands in society. Healthcare Has Never Stopped Changing It is true that healthcare has never stopped changing and…

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Health insurance companies encourage healthier living through video games

health insurance video games

Insurers and healthcare providers recommend some technology for boosting exercise. In the effort to help to promote living healthier lifestyles, health insurance companies and healthcare providers have been looking to alternative ways to encourage the right behaviors to prevent or even treat conditions and diseases. These techniques can include the use of video games to increase the frequency of physical activity. The culture of healthcare has been changing and it has moved to include the use of the technology that is already available to patients. Health insurance haven’t failed to…

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