Wisconsin reaches record health insurance enrollments through Affordable Care Act

Health insurance - Wisconsin ACA record enrollment

The state saw about 266,000 sign-ups during the 2024 open enrollment period for coverage. This year’s Affordable Care Act open enrollment window for health insurance saw the highest number of Wisconsin state residents registering for coverage. The 2024 enrollment period brought coverage to over a quarter of a million people in the state. State officials made the announcement, citing health insurance enrollment data released by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and from the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. The data reflected the number of enrollments…

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Wisconsin Governor puts a stop to the state’s progress on establishing a health insurance exchange

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has announced that the state will put a halt to its plans to form a health insurance exchange for the time being. Governor Walker claims that further work on an exchange program would be a waste of time if the Supreme Court declares the federal Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. The law requires all states to build a health insurance exchange by 2014. If states fail to meet the deadline, the federal government will take charge and build one itself. Governor Walker’s halting of the program could…

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Wisconsin insurance regulators seek 80 percent rule exemption

Insurance regulators for the state of Wisconsin have expressed their worry over the impact of a new federal rule, which may make it impossible for some health insurance companies from being capable of providing coverage to individuals who purchase their own health coverage as opposed to receiving it through their employers. In Wisconsin, the insurance commissioner’s office has made a request to federal officials to gradually ease into their new rule, which would necessitate that health insurance companies spend at least 80 percent of the premiums they collect on actual…

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