Insurance costs are driven skyward by some ailments more than others

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New research has revealed the catastrophic ailments are the most expensive for insurers to cover. The results from a recent study that looked into health insurance costs has now revealed the 10 types of catastrophic ailments that are the priciest for insurers to have to cover as a part of their plans. Among the leading types of condition is going into labor early and having a preterm baby. Preterm births occur about 450,000 times every year and have been found to be among the highest insurance costs, says the new…

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Hiscox report shows that “super losses” are becoming more common in the U.S.

A new report from Hiscox, a specialist health insurance company in the U.S., shows that so called “super losses” are having an impact on the country’s health insurance industry. Super losses is a term that refers to claims that exceed $50 million. The report notes that these costly claims are becoming more common in the health care sector. Because these claims hold such a large price tag, they often find their way to courts. Juries often side with consumers in these cases and in the past two years have awarded…

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