Health insurance coverage improved for LGBTQ+ community after 2015

LGBTQ+ Flag - Health Insurance - Percentage

The Supreme Court’s ruling recognizing same-sex marriage brought more equitable coverage for couples. Following the 2015 Supreme Court ruling to recognize same-sex marriage, health insurance companies responded by providing LGBTQ+ couples with improved and more equitable coverage, including spousal benefits, according to the findings of a recent study published in the Health Affairs journal. The findings showed that LGBTQ+ adults saw a substantial increase in healthcare access. The Health Affairs journal published the study titled “Health Insurance Coverage And Access To Care Among LGBT Adults, 2013–19,” by Andrew Bolibol of…

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Study shows higher Medicaid primary care spending linked to lower hospitalization spending

A Medicaid study published in the Health Affairs Journal in July 2011, has shown that in some states, there is a link between spending more in Medicaid primary care and spending less on hospitalizations. It has been widely accepted by health policy experts that spending in Medicaid varies significantly from one state to another, and among the regions within those states. However, what is not as evident is the way in which the prices and the usage patterns impact the Medicaid spending differences among the states. What had also not…

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