Driverless Cars – The Future of Motoring

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Driverless cars may be far closer to becoming reality than is generalised realised according to new research by Eight major global players are all competing to take this developing industry by storm, with Mercedes set to win the race to be first to market with a driverless S-Class set to be made available later this year. The Mercedes solution will be capable operating without driver input at speeds of up to 25mph, which will allow drivers to avoid tedious and stressful inner city driving. This will be very similar…

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Google driverless cars receive approval but will need Nevada auto insurance

Google driverless cars auto insurance

Will the neighboring California insurance marketplace be next? After new Google driverless cars passed a number of tests and achieving set requirements in the state, the Nevada auto insurance industry is now facing a first in the country opportunity to cover the vehicles. The state is the first to license this new technology in the country. After years of development, they have now been able to achieve the following goals, which were set by the Nevada auto insurance officials. These include: • A safety plan submission • A self-driving technology…

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Google holds discussions with auto insurance providers regarding driverless car

auto insurance for self driving car

Major auto insurance providers have been involved in discussions with Google over its driverless car project. The driverless car project at Google has been the topic of some significant discussions that the search engine giant has been holding with some of the country’s top auto insurance companies as they address the implications of using this technology into the vehicles that will be used in the real world. According to the Google self driving car project’s product manager, Anthony Levandowski, in a keynote address that he gave in Detroit at the…

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Driverless cars being test driven in California, though insurers aren’t quite ready for robot drivers

Auto insurance industry beside itself on the self driving car issue Though it may sound like science fiction to have a robot driving a car for you, Google is already taking driverless cars out on the roads of California to test them, regardless of the fact that the law hasn’t even considered that this could be possible. Next door, the state of Nevada has already created regulations that are allowing these robot operated vehicles onto its public roads, and Brian Sandoval, the governor of that state, has already been out…

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California insurance industry follows Nevada regarding driverless cars from Google

Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), of California, has announced his new legislation regarding a Toyota Prius that has been modified by Google Inc., which is designed to occur alongside new regulations that are designed to permit the first autonomous vehicles in the world to receive their road testing and registration in Nevada. This bill was announced at a Sacramento press conference and was written with the input of Google and is a reflection of that company’s most recent attempt to demonstrate to policymakers that although these futuristic cars aren’t quite yet…

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