Honda announces free auto insurance for some customers

Insurance technology and news

The vehicle manufacturer is offering some coverage without charge for buyers of its electric Fit. Honda Motor Co. has announced that its latest electric car comes with the unique option of free auto insurance that covers collision with no deductible. This is the most recent feature being offered among manufacturers to encourage the sale of their electric products. The effort has been made to help to make the cost of purchasing and owning an electric car more similar to that of the less expensive vehicles powered by gasoline. It is,…

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Looking to boost sales, General Motors offers free insurance for new cars.

General Motors is no stranger to financial troubles. The 2008 recession, whose effects still linger to this day, took a heavy toll on the auto maker. The company was forced to shut down several factories, lay off thousands of workers and discontinue some of their models. Recovering from the recession has been no small feat for the world’s businesses, but the auto industry has had a particularly rough time of it, due mainly to the additional expenses that come with purchasing a vehicle. In an effort to boost sales, GM…

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