Insurance news features highlight on water damage scams in 2012

water damage insurance news

Insurers are cautioning consumers to take care in the way they deal with their cases. Due to recent insurance news that has included a massive increase in the number of water damage scams throughout this year, insurers are now warning their customers to take care to contact their homeowners or business insurers immediately to make sure that all procedures are followed correctly and they can obtain the proper assistance. In some states, such as Florida, approximately half of all claims have to do with water damage. The problem is that…

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Health care reforms will place limits on costs paid by employees

Health Care Reforms Small Business Health Insurance

Workers may no longer need to fear continuing spikes in out of pocket costs. In the pre-health care reforms environment, it had become a significant trend among small businesses to repeatedly hike deductibles and other costs that their workers were required to pay out of pocket in order to ensure that they would be able to continue to offer medical insurance in as coverage prices continue to rise. Now, the Affordable Care Act will limit the amount of cost that employers will be able to shift to workers. The federal health…

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Florida Health Choices program to launch July 2012

Florida legislators are looking to launch a new health care plan for small businesses in July 2012. The Florida Health Choices program, which was first built by lawmakers in 2008, aims to bring affordable health care policies to small businesses as an alternative to those offered by private insurance companies. The program has been in the development phase for several years partly because legislators want to make certain the program is being built correctly.  The Florida Health Choices board says that the program is as ready as it will ever…

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State Farm pulls out of church market in Florida, as well as others

State Farm has announced that it will no longer be offering insurance coverage to churches in Florida. The company’s exit from the market leaves hundreds of churches throughout the state looking for new insurance companies. The move is part of the company’s desire to focus more on the property market in the state, a plan that sees the insurer pulling out of other markets in the coming years. The insurer has not released estimates of how many churches will be affected by the decision, but has said that at least…

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Health insurance forum coming to Florida, aims to advise small business owners on health care

Health insurance has been a hot issue for some time, even before the passing of the federal health care reform law. The insurance industry has been rife with controversy for years, much of which is focused around the issue of soaring premiums. While rate increases are not anything new, health insurers have been quick to raise rates on their coverage in recent years. The cause of the rate hikes is most often cited as being a way to mitigate the overwhelming cost of medical care. Whatever the case may be,…

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