New insurance program pilot being tested on WV livestock farms

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The goal of this new strategy is to be able to offer producers in the state a way to mitigate financial risk. A group of West Virginia livestock producers are now taking part in the pilot of an insurance program that has been designed to help them to be able to mitigate certain financial risks that they have been facing. The program is based on an effort to broaden the information available to help when making payments. The Rainfall Index Pasture, Rangeland, Forage insurance program bases its payments on a…

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Crop insurance receives more legislative attention in the US

Corn Belt - GMO Crop Insurance program

Legislators again consider crop insurance reforms Crop insurance in the U.S. is often criticized as being a major financial drain on the federal government. This type of insurance coverage is part of the federal government’s safety net for farmers, which is meant to provide farmers with financial support in the event of natural disasters and to ensure that they have an incentive to produce crops. The country’s crop insurance program has become the target for those seeking reform, with some federal lawmakers suggesting that the program encourages farmers to adopt…

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USDA Risk Management Agency approves 2012 pilot insurance for pistachio crops

The USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) has announced the start of a new pilot pistachio crop insurance that will start with the crop year in 2012. The Pistachio Crop Insurance Program will make coverage accessible to 21 California counties, as well as one in New Mexico and two in Arizona. The names of the counties where the insurance will be available will soon be announced. The length of the pilot program is anticipated to be two years and the policy will be production based. The program itself received its initial…

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