Kanye West insurance payout could reach $30 million

hospital doctor kanye west insurance

The performer cancelled the rest of his tour as a result of reported mental health problems. Media reports suggest that the Kanye West insurance payout could be as high as $30 million following his tour cancellation. The hip hop celebrity announced the cancellation of the remainder of his tour as a result of health struggles. He was hospitalized last week following an incident while he was at his trainer’s house. Reports indicated that the police had been initially called for a domestic disturbance, later deemed a medical emergency. The star…

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Insurance for the Olympic Games a major issue for UK insurers

Insurance professionals prepared to provide coverage for the Olympics There is a scant one hundred days before the 2012 Olympic Games begin in the United Kingdom. Preparations for the event are still underway and London’s insurance community is beginning to feel the pressure. Many of the city’s insurance agents and providers have been working for over a year to establish a safety net for the event. The Olympics is fraught with risk as the event attracts thousands of foreign visitors and athletes and collects them into a single, localized area.…

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