Insurance news made as Africa seeks epidemic disaster coverage

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Countries in that continent are now looking to broaden a catastrophe protection fund for emergencies like Ebola. African countries are in insurance news headlines as they now seek to widen a new type of catastrophe fund, which has already made its first payout, as of January, which was for $25 million. The catastrophe insurance fund is meant to provide protection against Ebola-like outbreaks. This insurance news could mean that countries that face catastrophes such as the devastation left behind by the Ebola outbreak in several African countries, could receive payouts…

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Travel insurance may not help you if Ebola changes your vacation plans

CDC picture of ebola travel insurance news

Customers are asking their agents whether or not it is safe for them to fly and how they can protect themselves. Agents are now saying that their customers are asking them about the protection that their travel insurance can give them, as people are beginning to become concerned with regards to the safety of flying and what steps they can take in order to protect themselves against concerns that they could be exposed to Ebola. Though there has yet to be any reason for concern about Ebola in the U.S.…

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