End of open enrollment period for health insurance exchanges is coming to an end

health insurance exchange

Consumers are running out of time to acquire health insurance policies Residents of the United States have until January 31 to acquire health insurance coverage through federal and state-run exchanges. The end of the open enrollment period of these exchanges is rapidly approaching and those without insurance coverage could face a penalty from the federal government. This penalty has grown this year, which may come as a surprise for some consumers that are unaware. Consumers throughout the country are being encouraged to acquire health insurance, either through HealthCare.gov, or through…

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Open enrollment for health insurance exchanges is coming to an end

Oregon Health Insurance exchange

Deadline for consumers to purchase coverage is rapidly approaching For those without health insurance coverage, time is running out to acquire coverage in the United States. The open enrollment period for insurance exchanges will come to an end on January 31 this year. After the enrollment period is over, consumers will no longer be able to use exchanges to purchase health insurance coverage, except in some special cases. Currently, those without coverage can find policies through HealthCare.gov, the exchange system established by the federal government. Uninsured consumers will face a…

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Texas sees an increase in those enrolling in health insurance exchange

Texas health Insurance

HHS finds that 56,000 people have enrolled in federal insurance exchange last week The number of Texas residents enrolling for health insurance coverage through the state’s exchange has grown last week. The Department of Health and Human Services recently released a report showing that some 56,000 people have enrolled for coverage in Texas through HealthCare.gov as of last week, bringing the total number of Texans signing up with the exchange to approximately 1.1 million. Despite the growth, enrollment in Texas has lagged behind that being seen in other states. Many…

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HHS announces that 8.2 million people have acquired health insurance during open enrollment period

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HHS data shows that millions of consumers have acquired coverage through HealthCare.gov The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced that as many as 8.2 million people have signed up for health insurance coverage through HealthCare.gov. Of these, 2.1 million were below the age of 35, which has become one of the most sought after demographics for the insurance industry. This is significantly higher than the estimated 6.4 million people who used HealthCare.gov during last year’s open enrollment period. Majority of consumers receive coverage through federal exchanges…

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50,000 Kansas residents sign up for health insurance coverage through exchange

Kansas health insurance

HHS shows that thousands of consumers have managed to find coverage through federal insurance exchange The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has reported that some 50,000 Kansas residents have signed up for health insurance coverage through the state’s exchange as of December 12. The state’s exchange is managed by the federal government, as are most exchanges operating in the United States. Consumers can access the exchange through HealthCare.gov, which was recently revamped to provide better service to consumers that need to purchase insurance coverage. Open enrollment is set…

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Nevada residents are slow to embrace state’s health insurance exchange

Nevada health Insurance

HHS data shows that enrollment in insurance exchange is sluggish this year Those living in Nevada have been slow to sign up for coverage through the state’s health insurance exchange. A new report from the Department of Health and Human Services has found that relatively few people have purchased coverage through the state’s exchange, called Nevada Health Link. Enrollment numbers were quite low during the first month of the open enrollment period, which began on November 1. Overall, enrollment throughout the country has been sluggish. Approximately 23,000 consumers have enrolled…

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Health insurance premiums for HealthCare.gov policies are set to rise

Health Insurance Premiums Rise

Insurance premiums for HealthCare.gov policies to rise by an average of 15% next year Those with health insurance coverage through HealthCare.gov are likely to see higher premiums next year unless they switch policies, according to a report from Kaiser Family Foundation. Consumers with insurance coverage through the federal exchange marketplace have been encouraged to shop around for new policies, as this would allow them to save some money. On average, Kaiser predicts that those not shopping around for different policies will see an increase in their premiums of approximately 15%.…

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