State Farm auto insurance losses are higher than ever before

state farm auto insurance losses accident

The insurer lost more money on car policies throughout 2016 than it has in its almost century-long existence. State Farm auto insurance lost more money providing drivers with coverage in 2016 than they have in any other year since its creation 95 years ago. All told, the insurance company lost about $7 billion within the vehicle coverage segment of its business. State Farm auto insurance is by far the biggest vehicle insurer in the United States. It received $35.8 billion in claims and adjustment expenses in 2016. That total, in…

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Distracted driving from texting increases odds of crash by 23 times

Auto Insurance Texting While Driving

Writing or reading a text on a smartphone takes the eyes off the road for too long. The National Safety Council’s (NSC) statistics regarding distracted driving have shown that motorists who send and receive text messages while behind the wheel are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash. These behaviors cause drivers to look away from the road too often or too long. When both eyes and attention are being taken off the road, the risk of making a mistake or not seeing a change in the…

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