Health insurance for college students may see new regulations

New Jersey Health Insurance

Lawmakers are thinking about removing the mandatory coverage in New Jersey. Officials from the colleges in New Jersey have been pushing to eliminate the health insurance law in the state that requires students to have coverage as the combination of this regulation and the new healthcare reforms are causing the cost of the plans offered by the schools to head skywards. Lawmakers are taking these requests into consideration, but there is a careful balance to consider. They currently face the question of priority between the affordability of health insurance coverage…

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Student insurance tops back to school shopping lists

College Student Insurance

There is a great deal more than pencils, notebooks, and laptops to consider. The first day of classes is about to begin and parents are starting to realize that they have not yet purchased their student insurance, causing a swell of inquiries to insurers across the country. There are several types of coverage that need to be considered when kids go away for school. More than ever before, parents are realizing that coverage is a vital part of sending their children away to college, and that there is more to…

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Research shows that young Americans are obtaining health insurance

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However, the same study is showing that they continue to carry debt A recent study has shown that while the health care reform will provide an estimated 6.6 million young adults with the ability to continue their coverage on their parents’ health insurance policies, there continues to be a struggle with medical fees and debt among this age group. The changes to the healthcare laws in 2012 by President Barack Obama have made it possible for young adults (the demographic that had previously been the most uninsured age group in…

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What type of insurance coverage should a college student consider?

If your child is already in college, or will be headed there within the next few months or years, then you may want to begin thinking about the different types of insurance coverage that may be important for him or her during this first time away from home. The odds are that he or she will remain free if incident throughout the entire time at college, but just in case some of those close calls go awry, it is best to be protected. The following are some of the types…

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Michigan State University requires its students to purchase health insurance

Michigan State University has now joined five other schools among the “Big Ten” in adding mandatory health insurance to their requirements for their students. This regulation will function by requiring new students who are starting school at MSU for the first time to either find their own health insurance policy or be billed by the school, which will then provide the coverage for them. According to Kent Cassella, a spokesperson from MSU, “We have partnered with Aetna to devise a specific plan, that’s an MSU sponsored plan for $1,505 a…

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