Washington introduces new health insurance regulation

Health Insurance coverage - uninsured drops

Legislators enforce new health insurance regulation concerning clinical trials Legislators in Washington have been making moves to make health insurance more consumer friendly in recent months. As part of this ongoing effort, the state’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner has introduced a new insurance regulation that will have an impact on insurers and the coverage they provide those participating in clinical trials. Health insurance companies have traditionally refused to provide coverage for such trials because of their uncertain, and often risky nature. Now, however, the state is ready to force…

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New insurance mandates in Connecticut incite criticism from the business community

Connecticut lawmakers have introduced a bevy of new health insurance mandates that may drive up the cost of insurance in the state. These sorts of mandates have been popular amongst legislators in recent years. Most of these provisions are confronted with a tide of opposition from the state’s business community who say that increased costs will reach excessive levels and stop employers from providing health benefits. Lawmakers, however, are sure that the benefits of the mandates serve the greater good. Among the mandates in a provision to expand the coverage…

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