Are Home Insulation & Energy Upgrades Covered by Home Insurance?

home insurance coverage

Home insulation and energy upgrades are essential components of a well-maintained home. They not only enhance comfort but also lead to significant energy savings. As a homeowner, it’s important to learn how these home improvements interplay with home insurance. This mutual relationship is often left on the sidelines, yet it’s crucial to comprehensively understanding your home ownership responsibilities and rights.  Understanding Home Insurance Coverage Home insurance is a safety net that provides financial protection against damage or loss of your house and the belongings within it. Typically, it covers incidents…

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5 Ways You Can Tell When an Insurer Is Acting in Bad Faith

ways to find out if your insurance company is acting in bad faith

When insurance companies try to renege on their obligations to policyholders by denying legitimate claims or failing to process claims within a reasonable amount of time, this is known as acting in bad faith. Insurers are also acting in bad faith when misrepresenting their contracts’ language, making last-minute changes to policies, or failing to disclose plan exclusions and limitations at the time of purchase. Bad faith ultimately prevents policyholders from getting the protection they want, need, and expect when paying for coverage. Although not every situation is the same but…

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