Florida Senate gives the nod to homeowners insurance overhaul

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The changes will involve new lawsuit limits, among others to ease the burden to property owners. This week, the Florida Senate gave its approval to overhauling homeowners insurance in the state, targeting the areas causing property owners – and therefore insurers – the largest amount of pain. The industry in the state will be undergoing a number of critical changes to help lift it out of crisis. Among the changes to the homeowners insurance industry that received approval include a new limit on lawsuits. There are also changes designed to…

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Florida property insurance market must tackle substantial issues before special session

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Another special session will take place later in December, but some challenges must be handled first. Former Republican Florida Senator Jeff Brandes, who launched a petition calling for lawmakers to convene this spring to tackle Florida’s critical property insurance market, is now calling for additional reforms to take place ahead of this month’s additional special session. The former senator has been making these moves from the sideline to try to push more reforms along. “It’s the most urgent pocketbook problem facing Florida today,” said former Senator Brandes, who previously represented…

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Florida Insurance: Controversy over new property insurance bill

Florida Governor Rick Scott has been the subject of public scorn recently after pressuring the state’s lawmakers to form a bill that would significantly cut the number of policies that could be written by Citizens Property Insurance Corp. Scott has voiced his determination to reduce Citizens’ role in the state’s insurance industry for some time. He denies that his goal is the closure of the insurer, however. The Governor says that he recognizes the value of the insurer but insists that some changes need to be made to justify its…

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New rules in the pipeline for Florida property insurer

A controversial bill has been passed by Florida’s Senate Banking and Insurance committee. The bill could increase the premiums paid by customers of Citizens Property Insurance by 25% and will eliminate coverage for some homeowners over time for properties whose value exceeds $500,000. Strict requirements will also be imposed, preventing homeowners from being able to enter the insurance program unless their only alternatives are 25% more expensive than coverage offered by Citizens. Representative Alan Hays of Umatilla, one of the bill’s sponsors, claims that raising premiums is the very last…

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