Number of Americans with health insurance hit record high in Q1 2023, said CDC

Health insurance Coverage Q1 2023

That said, this figure was measured just before the changes to Medicaid rules were implemented. During the first quarter of this year, the number of Americans without health insurance dropped to a record low of 7.7 percent. Unfortunately, this record-breaking figure was achieved just ahead of the expiration of the rule implemented during the pandemic. In April, the Medicaid coverage of 15 million people was on shaky ground, possibly increasing uninsured rates. The data was measured in a survey released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) this month. It…

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More investment in nanotechnology research needed, says National Research Council

Scientists from the National Research Council in the U.S. are urging insurers to invest more money in studying nanotechnology. The technology has advanced significantly in the past decade and now holds major promise in medical applications and consumer products. Council scientists say that the potential health hazards of the technology are not yet fully understood and that an additional $24 million a year is required to fill in the knowledge shortfall. Without an intimate understand of the risks associated with nanotechnology, consumers could face unforeseen dangers that will have a…

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