Insurance fraud charges faced by Big Brother Africa celebrity

Insurance fraud - arrest

Wendall Parson from Zimbabwe was one of the show’s winners and has now been arrested. One of the two winners of Big Brother Africa Amplified, in 2011, Wendall Parson from Zimbabwe, has just been arrested by police on allegations of auto insurance fraud. The celebrity is said to have been involved in a fraudulent policy scam worth $25,000. Police arrested Parson on the insurance fraud allegations on Friday, according to Superintendent Andrew Phiri, a police spokesperson who made the announcement of the arrest on Sunday. The accusation against Parson is…

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Insurance fraud accusation issued against Timbaland

Timbaland watch insurance fraud

A missing watch insurance claim is leading the insurer of the musician to call it an attempted scam. Timbaland’s insurer is currently working to shut down a claim that the rapper and record producer has made regarding a missing watch, stating that the filing is nothing more than a case of insurance fraud. The musician is seeking a payout for a watch which was covered under his policy with the insurer. However, that insurer said that the payout of $1.8 million that is being sought is being labeled as insurance…

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