Employer-sponsored health insurance grows more costly in California

California health insurance

Health insurance for employers is becoming expensive in California There are concerns in California that health insurance is beginning to become unnecessarily expensive. Consumers are beginning to show worry over higher rates and employers are beginning to report that health insurance coverage is becoming more expensive and, in some cases, too costly to continue offering to employees. These concerns are backed up by a new survey from the California HealthCare Foundation. The survey shows that employer-sponsored health insurance, in particular, is certainly becoming more expensive. Survey shows costs continue to…

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California is among the worst states in the country for residents without health coverage

The results of a new study are showing that in 2010, California was the state with the most residents – approximately 7 million – who do not have health insurance coverage. According to the California HealthCare Foundation’s data, around 1 million children and 6 million residents under the age of 65 did not have health insurance. Among the nonelderly population of the state, an average of 21 percent were not covered by health insurance over the three years from 2008 through to the end of 2010. On the national list,…

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