The Main Benefits Of Sage 50 For Insurance Companies

sage 50 insurance accounting software

The right accounting software for insurance companies should make it possible for users to focus on their core business, without being held back by any sort of accounting issues. Looking for a solution that caters to the unique needs of insurance companies is much better than going with general accounting software.  With that in mind, Sage 50 is a great accounting solution for insurance companies due to a number of important reasons. Continue reading below to find out more about the main advantages of this accounting solution for insurance companies. …

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A Guide to Storing Your Business Insurance Documents Online

business insurance documents cloud storage

While some business owners slightly grudge paying for insurance, the value of cover suddenly becomes very clear when something goes wrong and you need to call on your policy provider for support. In these moments, having quick access to your business insurance documents is essential to help process your claim quickly and get the support you need. Your business likely already has a huge range of important internal documents stored locally. However, with the surge in popularity of cloud storage solutions, there is an increasing trend for companies to back-up…

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5 Signs You Are Dealing with an Unprofessional Medical Malpractice Insurance Company

Medical malpractice insurance is an insurance product specifically designed for medical professionals including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. At its core, medical malpractice insurance is similar to the professional liability insurance policies that businesses get to protect themselves from consumer lawsuits. Much like liability insurance, medical malpractice insurance helps doctors and other healthcare professionals to cover the cost of lawsuits filed by patients. Importance of Picking a Trusted Insurance Partner Medical malpractice insurance companies have the supremely complicated job of understanding the intricacies of medical care, insurance, and legal…

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Commercial insurance for industrial machinery

commercial business owner industry machine terrorism insurance

The purchase and sale of used industrial machinery is growing among businesses throughout the world. This practice is not uncommon, but those purchasing such machinery need to be adequately protected with insurance coverage to mitigate certain risks. Businesses are purchasing used industrial machinery as a way to cut costs and some may be missing out on the commercial insurance coverage they need. There are a wide range of industrial machinery available on the market, and these machines each pose their own risks to those purchasing them. Several companies offer commercial…

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Governor Corbett signs reform legislation for civil liability in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has signed a bill that would place a limitation on the liability of defendants in some negligence cases in civil court. The bill was put to a vote in the state House, where it was passed 116 to 83. This was the second similar bill that has been passed within three months. After the vote, it moved to Corbett. This despite the protests of Democrats, who said that the bill is being pursued by business organizations, but that it comes at the cost of the victims…

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