European insurance watchdog seeks to protect policyholders from no-deal Brexit

No-deal Brexit - UK and EU puzzle pieces

E.U. policyholders wonder if their protection will continue when they’re covered by a U.K. insurer. Policyholders in the European Union feel uncertain as to whether their coverage through British insurance companies will continue uninterrupted in the case of a no-deal Brexit. The E.I.O.P.A. assures E.U. consumers that their policies will remain valid even with a hard Brexit. With only just over a month before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, consumers are taking a closer look at what a no-deal Brexit will mean to them. As a result, some…

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Allianz announces the release of a new online home insurance protection

Allianz Insurance has announced that it is now offering a new home insurance product in Europe that is available exclusively online and offers customers the ability to construct a policy that is customized to their unique needs. The new home insurance product called “Your Cover” helps customers to buy the most basic level of comprehensive coverage, upon which they can add up to 11 additional optional forms of coverage – such as home business coverage, identity fraud protection, 24-hour home emergency assistance, and sports equipment insurance – in order to…

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