Auto insurance Proposition 33 rejected by voters

California auto insurance

The ballot measure that was designed to allow insurers to offer new discounts has been defeated. Voters in California have now rejected the Proposition 33 auto insurance measure, which was created to give insurers the ability to offer discounts to customers who maintained continuous coverage, but increase the rates for drivers whose coverage history was inconsistent. The current law in the state already allows for loyalty discounts for drivers who remain with one insurer. However, that law also stops those car insurers from using the discounts as a way to…

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California insurance agents and brokers brush off Prop 33 scare tactic

auto Insurance bill

These industry pros are unconcerned about Consumer Watchdog’s opposition efforts. Independent California insurance agents – industry professionals who help their customers to obtain the best possible coverage prices – have spoken out against the press release from Consumer Watchdog regarding campaign web addresses, brushing it off altogether. Prop 33 supporters are saying that the domain regulations had not been defined when they were purchased. According to Proposition 33 proponent, Mike D’Arelli, of the American Agents Alliance, “The consultants purchased domain names when the designations of the 2012 state ballot measures…

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