Health insurance premiums set to rise in South Carolina

South Carolina Health Insurance

Thousands of consumers will be affected by higher health insurance premiums Several thousand consumers in South Carolina are likely to see their health insurance premium increase in 2016. The majority of rate increases are expected to be seen by those enrolling in the state’s insurance exchange, where insurers are looking to recover from financial losses by raising premiums. In some cases, consumers may be paying hundreds of dollars more for their health insurance policies. This may place many people under a great deal of financial pressure, which may drive some…

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Montana insurance market will be losing Assurant

montana Health insurance

The health insurer has now announced its intentions to step out of the state and will be notifying its customers. The Montana insurance marketplace will soon have one fewer company to include among those selling health plans, as Assurant has filed its notice to leave the state and will soon be sending its policyholders their notifications, as well. The Wisconsin-based health insurance company is seeking to step out of this type of offering. Assurant Health has said that it will be leaving the 7,283 customers that it serves in the…

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Insurance denial rates run rampant throughout the country, new data shows

New data from the federal Department of Health and Human Services shows that a large number of health insurance applications sent to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield are rejected. While rejections are not uncommon in the insurance business, the rate at which insurers are denying applicants has raised the concerns of federal regulators. Reportedly, some of these rejections are spurred by what may appear to be minor events, such as an applicant visiting an emergency room because of injury or going to see a chiropractor for back pain. According…

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