Berkshire Hathaway makes insurance news with license in Singapore

Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Insurance industry

The company has now won the permit that it needs to sell nonlife coverage within the country. In insurance news that represents a first for Berkshire Hathaway in terms of opening up shop in Asia for nonlife products, Warren Buffett’s conglomerate has now won a license to sell in Singapore, representing a first step that the company is taking in a broader expansion across that region. The license in the South East Asian country was awarded to Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance. The company behind this insurance news provides a range…

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Insurance news looks to Asia where insurers are seeing a new land of opportunity

International Insurance fund news

Asian countries are receiving lots of attention from large coverage providers. Some of the largest insurers in North America are making insurance news as their set their sights on Asia and the potentially lucrative business for wealth management that is presenting itself there, as they make efforts to balance the losses that they have been experiencing in traditional markets as a result of interest rates that remain continually low. Common insurance news from the second quarter involved low earnings on many levels. Insurers’ earnings from Q2 were smashed down by…

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Emerging markets show promise, according to Lloyd’s

Lloyd’s has been making a significant effort to improve access to overseas markets after seeing promising opportunities for international trade among emerging economies. Though Lloyd’s has been very active in this pursuit, it also published an article on its own website which requested improved cooperation among the participants in the markets, itself, and the managers within its own country, which would allow for further improvements to the current opportunities. It was acknowledged by Lloyd’s that regardless of the financial crisis worldwide, a number of emerging markets within Latin America and…

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