Flood insurance increase delays moved forward by Senate

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Bipartisan legislation for holding back rate hikes is another step closer to being implemented. This week, bipartisan legislation has made its way through the Senate which will help to place a delay on the premium hikes that will be experienced by hundreds of thousands of flood insurance customers who reside in low lying and coastal areas. The vote of 86 to 16 showed that the support in the chamber that is powerful enough to avoid filibuster. It is more than likely that this flood insurance delay will be passed by…

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Study shows higher Medicaid primary care spending linked to lower hospitalization spending

A Medicaid study published in the Health Affairs Journal in July 2011, has shown that in some states, there is a link between spending more in Medicaid primary care and spending less on hospitalizations. It has been widely accepted by health policy experts that spending in Medicaid varies significantly from one state to another, and among the regions within those states. However, what is not as evident is the way in which the prices and the usage patterns impact the Medicaid spending differences among the states. What had also not…

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