Life insurance industry troubles may fall to consumers

Life Insurance News

Life insurance industry representatives meet to list their woes The woes of the U.S. insurance industry are likely to get the notice of consumers, even those that are not so keenly attuned to the world of insurance news. This may be particularly true in the realm of life insurance. The life insurance industry has been facing troubling times in the U.S. and representatives from some of the largest companies in the country met in Washington for the American Council of Life Insurers conference to list their woes. These troubles are…

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Insurance companies ask for more time

Insurance companies are asking President Obama and his administration to slow down with their up and coming decision on if the industry, along with non-banking financial companies, warrant further scrutiny. The administration is eyeballing the market as being deemed as a potential risk to the financial standing of the country, along with banks, and should be put to higher standards in hopes to avoid the same financial meltdown of 2008. According to the insurance industry, they would like the Treasury Department to hold the finalization of these rules and wait for…

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