Abortion insurance coverage limits passed in Texas House

austin texas abortion insurance coverage

Women in the state will need to pay an additional health plan premium to include non-emergency abortions. Texas abortion insurance coverage will soon involve an additional health plan premium for women who want this added protection. The Texas House recently passed a new bill. It would mean that non-emergency abortions, what opposition are referring to as “rape insurance” will require women to pay more. House Bill 214 received early approval in Texas making it more likely that women will need to pay more for elective abortions. The additional abortion insurance…

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Abortion insurance ban considered for some NC policies

Health insurance care reform confusion debate

The state is looking into stopping private health plans from being able to provide this coverage. The state of North Carolina is weighing a proposed law that would stop abortion insurance coverage from being included in the health plans that are sold within the online exchange starting in October 2013. This would not be a regulation for all insurers in the state, but only those who plan to sell over the public marketplace. Limiting the private abortion insurance coverage is permitted under the federal healthcare reform laws that require nearly…

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Abortion insurance ban approved by Pennsylvania Senate

Pennsylvania abortion Insurance Governor Tom Corbett

The legislation passed by a vote of 31 to 19 and is now headed to Governor Corbett to be signed. The Senate has just passed legislation that bans abortion insurance coverage on policies that are sold through the state’s health insurance exchange, which was formed by the federal healthcare reforms. The bill is now being sent to Governor Tom Corbett’s desk to receive a signature that he has already agreed to provide. Once Corbett adds his signature, the bill will be made into law, as House Bill 818 has passed…

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Health insurance coverage decision in Washington blocks abortion coverage

Court rules mandatory health insurance is not fair

The State Senate has stopped a discussion on a plan that would make this coverage a requirement. The Washington state Senate – a coalition dominated by Republicans – has just stopped a discussion for a plan in the state to add a requirement for health insurance companies to provide coverage for abortion. The procedural motion was voted down after a heated exchange in the chamber. Some of the Democrats from the Washington Senate had moved to add a health insurance bill before a primary deadline. They said that they had…

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