State Farm rolls out its new life insurance app for its customers

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The Life Enhanced application was developed to help provide customers with personalized guidance.

State Farm recently announced that it has rolled out a new life insurance app called Life Enhanced, which uses technology to provide customers with simple, personalized guidance and motivation.

The application provides customers with a range of information, resources and tools.

Life insurance customers at State Farm can use the app to set wellness goals, learn about a range of wellbeing topics, and discover ways to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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It has become increasingly popular for businesses and insurers to use technology to encourage their employees and customers to live healthier lives overall. Some health insurers have tinkered with providing fitness trackers to their plan holders at no additional cost. Then, they reward those individuals with lower premiums to reflect the efforts they make to avoid illness that would result in claims.

The life insurance app offers users a spectrum of information and tools to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

Among the features the app offers policyholders include:

  • Tracking health and wellness efforts and earning rewards as a result – By connecting a fitness tracker or app with the Life Enhanced application, and by completing challenges and activities, participants can earn points that can be applied to rewards. Users are also able to access mental health resources and affiliate discount benefits.
  • End-of-life and estate planning tools – Customers using the app have FreeWill access, which is the largest US digital estate planning tool. They can also access Lantern, which provides tools for documenting, storing, and sharing end of life wishes with loved ones.
  • Charitable donations – App users can use the points they earn to make donations to their favorite charities, converting those extra steps into meaningful gifts in their communities.

The life insurance app is available to all plan holders with State Farm and is available without any additional cost. Using the app is entirely voluntary and premiums will not rise for plan holders who choose not to use it. It is meant to help people to live stronger, healthier, longer lives and support them with end-of-life arrangements.

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