Organization seeks to boost enrollment in Florida’s health insurance exchange

Florida health insurance

Health Council of South Florida plans to launch a new campaign in November

Health care activists in Florida are beginning to launch a new campaign to encourage the state’s residents to purchase health insurance coverage. The Health Council of South Florida learned valuable lessons during the state’s first enrollment period and the organization plans to launch a sign-up campaign when the state’s exchange begins open enrollment again in November. The organization will be focusing more heavily on connecting with consumers in a more dynamic fashion, using new technology and information about the health insurance market.

Organization will help direct consumers to insurance navigators that can help with the enrollment process

The organization plans to use better technology that will help people make appointments with insurance navigators. These navigators are part of the Affordable Care Act and their purpose is to help people enroll for coverage through a state’s insurance exchange. Navigators cannot have direct ties to any insurance company, working instead through non-profit groups that receive funding from the federal government.

Awareness continues to be a problem for the state’s insurance exchange

Florida health insurance Awareness may be one of the most significant problems that the state’s insurance exchange currently faces. During the last enrollment period, many consumers were confused about what the exchange was and how to use it. This meant that many people did not enroll for insurance coverage through the exchange, largely due to confusion. Technical problems made this issue worse, but many of the exchange’s technical faults have been resolved in recent months.

Health Council of Florida aims to help people enroll for coverage that is suitable for their medical conditions

The Health Council of South Florida will also work to ensure that the health insurance policies that people want to purchase through the state’s exchange are appropriate for their medical conditions. Insurance coverage is not necessarily easy to understand for everyone. For instance, many people believe that a common insurance policy offers coverage for cancer and its associated treatments, but this is not the case. More often than not, cancer coverage must be purchased as a supplemental policy.

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