OnBase mobile commerce insurance technology empowers field personnel

mobile commerce insurance industry

mobile commerce insurance industryStaff in the field can now use Hyland Software’s technology for smartphones and tablets for improved service.

Insurers now have a new insurance technology that allows them to use the enterprise content management (ECM) software suite from Hyland Software, OnBase, through their mobile devices.

This allows staff members in the field to gain immediate access to information offline or online, and allows them to manage business processes, regardless of when it is or where they are, so that the problem of decision-making bottlenecks while out of the office.

According to the insurance solutions and alliances manager at Hyland, Ed McQuiston, “As insurance organizations continue to enhance their service to their customers through interactions in the field, the ability to access and collect information in real-time is critical.” He added that the new mobile commerce produce broadens the OnBase capabilities to smartphones and tablets, so that field personnel are better capable of collecting and accessing data in real time regardless of where they are.

McQuiston says that this insurance technology is also “improving service and turnaround times for their customers.”

The solution allows field personnel to capture and access several different forms of data while they are out of the office. This can include diagrams, videos, pictures, voice recordings, supporting documentation, and signed documents. The app functions on iPads, iPhones, and Windows and Android smartphones and tablets.

McQuiston also stated that within the insurance industry, it is vital that customer service be responsive and speed to market be fast in order to be successful.

OnBase Mobile improves performance in both of these areas with greater accuracy in much less time.

He then went on to say that using this app allows the process of receiving information in the field to take much less time, so that the data can be made available to underwriters much more quickly. They can therefore make their decisions, and adjusters can provide much faster claim resolution. In fact, with this insurance technology, says McQuiston, “there’s no need to wait,” since the claim files don’t have to be routed to offices anymore, and the risk of damage or loss to those documents is eliminated.


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