New racing insurance program offered for drag series

race car insuranceThe Quick 32 Sportsman Series, in partnership with the Pro Modified Racing Association, have announced that they will both be participating in, a form of race car insurance that has been designed specifically to insure the competitors that will be taking part in the two series of drag races.

The program will be working through the Markham, Ontario-based Insureit Group Inc., which will provide specialized off-track coverage for the race participants.

Coverage from the insurance program will include losses from theft, fire, hail, vandalism, derailment while the racer is within the vehicle, the tools, trailer, spare parts that are being transported, as well as additional protections such as tornado and earthquake damage.

Some of the more notable features of this drag series racing insurance are that it has a remarkably low rate which can be paid off monthly, and it comes with $5000 in tool coverage at no extra charge.

According to drag racer and insurance broker Michael Campolucci, the insurer is offering this specialized form of coverage to protect virtually everything as long as the car isn’t actually running. He explained that as he is, himself, a racer, he knows about the type of financial commitment required “to run a drag racing operation. At, we provide piece of mind for your resources, so you can rest easily.”

Campolucci has a good understanding of drag racers’ needs, as he is the driver of the Stallion Motorsports Top Sportsman Pontiac GTO, which had been led by his father, Maurice Campolucci, as well as the Morton Classics 1933 Willys.

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