Massachusetts wins a major victory in health insurance

Massachusetts health Insurance

Uninsured rate may fall below 1% in Massachusetts

Massachusetts health InsuranceThe number of uninsured people in Massachusetts may soon be below 1%, according to information from the state’s Center for Health Information and Analysis. The organization has been tracking the number of people that have signed up for insurance coverage from December 2013 to March of 2014, finding that the number of people with insurance coverage increased by more than 215,000 statewide. If this momentum is maintained, the state may soon have the lowest uninsured rate in the country.

State initiatives help make coverage more accessible to consumers

Those that had previously lacked insurance coverage have been able to find the coverage they need through the state’s health insurance exchange and other initiatives designed to make coverage more accessible to consumers. While the state’s exchange has been riddled with technical problems that has made it almost unusable, it has managed to provide people with access to policies that were not available to them in the past. The state’s insurance exchange is expected to be fixed by November of this year, and may help further reduce the uninsured rate in Massachusetts.

Falling uninsured rate dispels negativity around Affordable Care Act

The progress that the state has made in terms of cutting down on the number of people without insurance has served as encouragement for some of the state’s insurance initiatives. A falling uninsured rate has dispelled some of the negative stigma that has surrounded the Affordable Care Act and the state’s insurance exchange, but state officials note that there is still much work that must be done in order to ensure that people have access to affordable and comprehensive coverage.

State may opt to focus on addressing rising costs of medical care

Because the state will not be able to fix its insurance exchange on its own, turning to the federal government for aid in the matter, Massachusetts lawmakers may opt to focus more heavily on addressing the issue of the cost of medical care. Medical care is becoming more expensive at a rapid pace and has a direct impact on the cost of insurance coverage. The problem of expensive insurance coverage cannot be solved without also solving the expensive medical care issue.

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