Major change to Washington health insurance exchange could benefit consumers

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Consumers will now pay premiums directly to insurance providers

Those purchasing health insurance coverage through the Washington exchange have begun paying their premiums directly to insurers. Previously, consumers were paying premiums to the exchange itself, which then issued these premiums to insurance companies. The change may be a boon for consumers, as many have reported problems in with premiums payments in the past. Trouble paying premiums has lead to some consumers having complications with their coverage and the state is looking to resolve this issue effectively.

Many had reported problems paying their premiums appropriately

Last year, many consumers reported that their premiums payments were not credited properly. For some, this lead to a temporary halt in their health insurance coverage. Such an issue would have made it difficult for consumers to acquire the medical care that they needed or face significant out-of-pocket costs when seeking care. State officials have taken the reports coming from consumers seriously and the change may improve the quality of service that the state’s insurance exchange is able to provide.

Consumers are being notified of the change in order to adequately handle their premiums

seattle washington health insurance industryExchange officials note that those with health and dental insurance coverage from two different companies will have to pay each company separately. If consumers continue to have trouble paying premiums, they are advised to contact their insurance providers in order to resolve any residual issues. Those purchasing coverage through the state’s health insurance exchange are being notified about the change in order to ensure that they are able to pay their premiums appropriately.

State’s insurance exchange continues to prove successful

Washington’s health insurance exchange has been quite successful in terms of enrollment. Consumers have shown favor for the exchange, as it has granted them access to affordable coverage that they have been unable to find through the private market. Despite the affordable nature of the exchange, premiums for policies sold through the marketplace have been on the rise over the past year. In 2016, premiums are expected to grow for those with coverage through the exchange.

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