Insurance news from Kansas unveils Commissioner’s new team

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Flag of Kansas insurance newsThe new top staffers for the state’s industry regulator have now been named.

The latest insurance news from Kansas has announced that the commissioner for the state, Sandy Praeger, has just appointed a new assistant commissioner, as well as a general counsel, with a staff shuffle.

These decisions followed the departure of the commissioner’s top deputy.

The promotion from Praeger was given to Zachary Anshutz, who had previously been the general counsel and who is now assistant commissioner. Anshutz will be replacing the former assistant commissioner who has since left, Bob Tomlinson.

Tomlinson made insurance news after having left the commissioner’s office for a new position in Kansas.

He had formerly been a Kansas House member, before having worked under Commissioner Praeger. Now, Tomlinson is now the director of the state office which is responsible for hearing the state agency administrative decisions. Anshuntz has been making insurance news in the legal staff for the state’s Department for almost 6 years.

Furthermore, John Wine received a promotion from Praeger to being general counsel from having been assistant general counsel. Wine had once been a Kansas Corporation Commission member, which is one of the utility regulators in the state. Moreover, he had previously served in the secretary of state’s office as general counsel as well as of the Kansas securities commissioner.

According to Commissioner Praeger, “I am pleased that Zac has accepted a new department role.” She also added in her insurance news statement that “He has demonstrated time and again his willingness to take on any task to further the mission of our department. His experience will be extremely valuable as he works with administrative and consumer issues.”

She went on to make her insurance news announcement about the other significant move in her team, by saying that Wine has significant experience within the government of Kansas and that this will be an important asset in his new position. Praeger also praised Wine’s ability to interact well with many people in order to be able to fulfill his numerous responsibilities within the department in order to provide for consumers within the state.

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