Google launches auto insurance comparison service

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New service aims to help users compare auto insurance quotes

Google has launched a new service that may help it break into the auto insurance sector. The service is called Google Compare for Auto Insurance and will allow users to compare insurance quotes offered by 14 different coverage providers. Google’s new service is restricted to California currently, but the company may expand the service if it proves successful and popular enough among consumers. If successful, the Google Compare for Auto Insurance service could be a disruptor for the auto insurance market.

Google’s service has been available in the UK for the past two years and has foudn modest success

Google has been offering this service in the United Kingdom for the past two years. The service has found some modest success in the country, where it has served as a way for Google to be more engaged in the auto insurance market. Comparing quotes from insurance companies could be a good way to find affordable coverage. Google is not the only company offering quote comparison services, of course, but the service does represent one of Google’s first steps into the insurance market.

Google teams with other companies to make the service more robust and useful for consumers

tablet ipad google auto insuranceUsing the service, consumers can enter in their ZIP code and information concerning their vehicles in order to find auto insurance quotes. The quotes are provided by 14 insurers that offer a wide range of coverage options for drivers. Google has partnered with several companies, such as CoverHound, in order to power this service. These companies offer the technology and information that the service needs to provide data to its users.

Google aims to break into new markets

The Google Compare for Auto Insurance is part of the company’s larger initiative to compete with services like Expedia and Kayak. Google also offers services that allow consumers to find affordable flights and book hotels. Such services have become quite popular with consumers that want to travel and save money. Google may soon become an ideal source for such services, if the company can find a way to effectively engage consumers.

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