Collector car insurance to be offered once again by GEICO

Collector Car insurance

Collector Car insurance

The insurer has re-launched its classic and vintage auto coverage.

GEICO has announced that it has now re-launched its collector car insurance, which is designed specifically for the unique coverage needs required for vintage and classic vehicles.

Though the insurer had previously ceased that product, it was brought back by popular demand.

Policyholders with GEICO expressed a strong desire to have the collector car insurance returned to the marketplace so that they could insure their special vehicles. According to the vice president of the company, John Zinno, “GEICO’s collector car insurance is a valuable product for our customers who are passionate about their vehicles.”

He added that “The collector car product ensures all GEICO policyholders are covered regardless of their make and model and gives our customers another option to keep all of their business under the GEICO umbrella.”

Collector car insurance provides a unique kind of coverage beyond standard auto.

Sales manager at GEICO, Daniel Carini, said that collector car insurance differs from a regular policy for a standard vehicle because it gives policyholders the opportunity to select agreed-value coverage. This occurs when the insurer and the policyholder come to an agreement regarding the vehicle’s value, and that is the amount that would be paid should it ever be totaled.

This feature eliminates any question regarding the vehicle’s value should a claim need to be settled. Moreover, there are additional unique features included in collector car insurance, as well. This includes coverage for towing services, stolen or lost parts, and even lodging or transportation expenses in the event that the covered vehicle becomes un-drivable when over 15 miles from home. It can even provide coverage for an injured pet that was a victim of an accident in the vehicle.

GEICO is a rapidly growing auto insurance company and is already known for providing a wide variety of different opportunities for coverage and savings to its policyholders. Though it had previously offered collector car insurance, it had removed the product from its offerings until the demand for its return became too great to ignore. The insurer also provides coverage for a range of other types of vehicles, from RV’s to motorcycles.

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