Clean Energy & Technology Practice announced by Travelers Companies Inc.

Travlers InsuranceThe Travelers Companies, Inc., which is already known for its products to help to provide coverage and mitigate risks for clean technology and energy companies, has now launched its Clean Energy & Technology Practice.

The company has been providing these types of coverage for over twenty years and its new Practice will provide a new line of insurance products that are streamlined and specifically designed for businesses that offer clean energy and technology. It will help them to obtain coverage while managing their claims and risks.

According to the president of Travelers Inland Marine, Joe Tracy, the lengthy experience that Travelers has with businesses in clean energy and technology has made the Clean Energy & Technology Practice very important as those companies continue to evolve and grow. She said that the Practice will make it simpler for brokers and independent agents to gain access to the wide range of products and services offered by the insurer.

Tracy added that the Practice provides companies with the complete line of solutions for their accounts. “Through a single touch point, customers experience a streamlined process that provides access to a broad spectrum of insurance products and risk management services.”

The new Practice draws together all of the areas of clean energy and technology practice that have already been established by Travelers, so that its customers – such as contractors, solar and wind manufacturers, producers of power, small grid, owners and developers, alternative and other forms of energy efficient solutions, fuel cell development, and other similar companies – will have access to insurance coverage specific to the industry.

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