Allstate to offer group dental insurance through Guardian

Dental Insurance

Dental InsuranceThe insurer will be providing new benefits in a new agreement.

Top employee benefits provider, Allstate Benefits, has announced that it will be working in a partnership with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America to offer a cost-effective group dental insurance product.

Guardian is recognized as one of the biggest mutual life insurers in the United States.

Together, the two companies will be offering the group dental plan called DentalGuard, which will become available to employers in July 2012. This partnership will significantly broaden the capabilities of Allstate Benefits, as it will make it possible for plan holders to gain access to the tremendous network at Guardian, including over 79,000 dentists at more than 181,000 locations.

According to the Allstate Benefits senior vice president of group operations, Jim Baum, “Allstate Benefits is pleased to team up with Guardian to deliver a new option to planholders that complements our already wide-ranging product portfolio.” Baum added that “Guardian is a name that customers know they can trust, which is important to us.”

The companies have estimated that their agreement will be able to save employers an average of 15 to 20 percent.

The partnership covers a number of different plan options, which include the value plans that will offer employers the most amount of savings when compared to a standard PPO group dental insurance plan. It also includes network access plans when an employer needs to be able to have a choice of providers. All plans will have the option of an additional orthodontia benefit.

The DentalGuard plan will also include the Preventive Advatnage at Guardian, which doesn’t include the amount spent on preventive care on the total deducted from the annual maximum benefit, so that the planholders will be able to maintain a larger amount of coverage for the higher cost unexpected services and treatments.

The vice president of worksite and specialty markets at Guardian, Chris Swanker, explained that this new agreement will provide the customers at Allstate Benefits with access to the leading group dental insurance benefits from Guardian, including the extensive dentist network, and the efficient process for making claims, so that there will not only be high care quality, but also a way in which to obtain it.


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